The Wedding Gift

My brother’s wedding gift is “The Wedding Gift” by Great Bear Canada.  I emailed them a bunch of pics, and that’s what they chose.  I was glad, because I already owned it, and I really like it.  Stitched on a horrible piece of 28-ct linen, I stitched the hearts in Needle Necessities #153.  I thought the alphabet that was included with the chart was uninspired.  I looked at a lot of Celtic alphabets, but none of the ones I had would work, for one reason or another.  Usually being too big was the main problem.  I winged the alphabet in the end.  It’s OK for the most part, but I think it would have been better if I’d used 3 strands of floss for their names.  Or I’m overthinking as usual. 

I took it to be framed yesterday, in plenty of time for their Wednesday wedding.  This picture is a bit overexposed.  It looks better IRL.

wedding gift 4.07


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