Murphy’s Irish Coffee

Or, Knowing When to Say, “WHEN!!”

The husband wants me to make him a bookmark.  No problem.  He wants something mushy-gooey on the back.  OK.  I adapted a design with chess pieces for the front, found a lovey-dovey design for the back.  Then I saw The Sampler Girl’s  Irish Coffee pattern on her freebie page, and thought I’d stitch it as a bookmark instead.  It seemed perfect.  We’re Irish, we were married on St. Patrick’s Day (Seventeen years today!), and we both love our coffee. 

It’s charted for Crescent Colours’ Belle Soie silks, which I don’t have.  No matter.  I’d just stitched May from my monthly sampler project and loved the palette, so I thought I’d substitute that palette.  But what to do about the Cinnamon Stick?  May doesn’t have any brown whatsoever.  That’s when the trouble started.  I decided to use DMC’s Color Variations 4130 to replace Cinnamon Stick, because I like the Color Variations.  I just looked at the color card, and I think 4140 would have been a better choice, but I’m done.  Done, I tell you!  I’ve been drawn to reds and pinks far too much of late.

I knew the 4130 was a bad choice, and I was fussing about what to do about it, when I screwed up counting the dark green shamrock.  That looked like an easy enough frogging situation, except I couldn’t find the tail to begin frogging, and frogged the wrong part of the shamrock.  Plus, I lost my Caron Waterlilies Spruce during our trip to Pittsburgh with dsd#1.

Then the husband said he thought it was too wide to be a bookmark, because it looks more like a ribbon.  He did say he would display it on his office wall at work, since people tell him he doesn’t have enough on his walls.  But, still…

Missing floss, bad color choice, stupid counting error, other, more pressing projects, it all adds up to knowing when to say, “WHEN!!”  It’s so hard to do.  I am stopping.  And I will not return unless the husband asks me to. 

The Disaster:



One thought on “Murphy’s Irish Coffee

  1. Irish, love coffee and married on St Paddy’s Day – wow – this freebie has your name all over it! 🙂 Yours looks really nice ~ glad you enjoy it.

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