X-Stich Queen

Christmas in March continues, as dsd#1 is visiting, and she brought me a present!  She knitted and felted a bag for me.  I am the x-stich queen, and I have the bag to prove it.  Spelling is not a strong suit in our family, as you can see.

x stich queen---3.07

No matter.  I am the queen.  Bow to me, if you wish, but it isn’t necessary.

The irony to this particular misspelling is that she’s been sending the boy postcards from his missing plush toy, Stitch, for over a year-and-a-half.  You would think spelling ‘stitch’ would be a piece of cake.  This is an illustration of the difference between knitting and printing.  The amazing thing is how very much the knitting resembles her handwriting.  It took me a moment to remember she didn’t write the words, she knitted them.

ETA: Aha! moment: She embroidered the letters onto the bag, she didn’t knit them.  Which explains why it resembles her handwriting so very much.




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