Peace WIP

peace-3-407.jpgMy current WIP of Peace by BOAF.  I think I’m happy with my not-mulberry compromise, so I will share.  I tweeded GAST mulberry and WDW Lancaster red.  Ordinarily, I wouldn’t have bothered tweeding overdyes, but the Lancaster red was too red, and I hated the mulberry for being too orange.  Yet, I had all this mulberry.  I didn’t want to have completely wasted my money.    I had the Lancaster red, ready to replace mulberry.  It was too red.  I still haven’t decided what to do in the other spots charted for mulberry yet.  I’ll cross that stitch when I come to it.

I overachieved my goal of stitching the black bricks in the house by a skosh, so it’s now time to go back to Magnificent Wizard.  <alas>  Lucky me, it is Desiderata Monday.  Plus, it’s March.  So I get to stitch my May mini-sampler, which is mostly kitted.  I just have to organize the floss.  (!)  Yikes!  I forgot I need a skein of DMC!  Then Magnificent Wizard.  I promise.  Off to stitch, or buy floss…


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