I hate frogs.

In stitching BOAF’s Peace, I decided  I did not want to stitch the house in GAST’s Mulberry.  It does not resemble what I pictured the design to look like in any way.  It’s too orange, and I couldn’t bring myself to stitch it.  I think it’s the dyelot I have of the mulberry.  It’s definitely less red than the original model.  It’s true that the mulberry looks redder up against the black soot, but It just doesn’t seem right to me. 

I had some Crescent Colors Bandana, and I stitched the entire red-brick portion of the house with this luscious color.  Then I started stitching the black bricks with black crow.  It wasn’t working.  I tried soot.  Nope.  The red of the CC bandana is too rich, not bricky enough.  I had to frog the entire red brick portion of the house.  That’s a LOT of frogging!  I also had to frog the soot-colored bricks.  It’s so frustrating!   I did three test swatches.  I’ve come up with a solution, which appears to be a possibility, but I’m not sure yet.  It’s redder than mulberry and just a little less bright.  I hope it works.  I’ve completed a test swatch area, but I can’t tell yeah or nay yet.  I think it looks OK, but I may be frogging away again. 

 It’s a nail-biter.


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